As the title says, the purpose of this blog is to study the importance of social media for nonprofit companies. This blog will also share and evaluate the effectiveness of different nonprofits social media and public relations strategies. I am blogging not only to cultivate and share information with those who read this blog, but so I can learn more about this area as well.

Who am I to discuss different nonprofit strategies and how these companies should handle their social media? Well, that is a good question.

Admittedly, I am nowhere near a public relations professional, but my knowledge about this area is growing quickly. My interest in PR and social media leads me to read multiple articles every day about this topic, the issues, the successes and everything in between. All of this reading compels me to separate the good, interesting and important information from everything else.

This past summer I interned with a local Habitat for Humanity affiliate, working closely with their Community Outreach Manager. Writing news releases, blog posts, newsletter articles, helping with home dedications, interviewing families, meeting the volunteers and talking to potential volunteer groups made me realize how important public relations, social media and community outreach is for nonprofit companies.

In my opinion, participation in social media is one of the most important things a nonprofit can do for its success, and through this blog I aim to give you examples and information on why I believe this.

From this blog my readers can expect my honest and original opinion. I welcome comments and questions on every post.

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