Twitter Fundraisers: Can a Hashtag Really BeatCancer?


Not a large amount of money when it comes to the fight against cancer, but not a small number either, especially considering that 209,771 people on Twitter, Facebook, and blog postings raised this money.

In 2009 #BeatCancer won the Guinness World Record for the “Most Widespread Social Network Message”. The goal was to raise money for different cancer-fighting organizations (LIVESTRONG Foundation, Bright Pink and Stand Up To Cancer) using $ .05 donations for every tweet that featured “#BeatCancer”.

At first, I though “Wow! This is great!” but, the more I looked around @BeatCancer’s Twitter and website, my opinion changed.

Here’s why

  • Even today, people continue to Tweet #beatcancer even though the actual fundraiser ended October 16, 2010. Now, the only way to donate money to is to download an app by SwaggMobile for your phone.
  • Currently there is a retweet going around that stumped me. “A human has about 1 million wishes. A Cancer patient only has 1 – To get better. 97% wont RT this for #beatcancer. Be 1 of those 3% who will.” I’ve also seen this one: “A human has about 1 million wishes, a Cancer patient has only 1: To get better. 96% wont RT this for #beatcancer. Be 1 of those 4% who does.” I don’t know who decided to change the percentage from 97% to 96%, but this fact is false and, not to mention, it doesn’t make any sense at all.
  • Their Twitter looks like spam. It is the same message over and over promoting SwaggMobile.

So what are my final thoughts?

I’m annoyed. There is great potential here, but it isn’t really getting through. To improve this I think @beatcancer needs to regulate and reformat their Twitter to include more tweets on facts about their mission, the donation total so far, etc. As a Twitter based fundraiser, I’m expecting a lot more from the actual use of @beatcancer’s Twitter.

Fail Whale photo via James Britton


One thought on “Twitter Fundraisers: Can a Hashtag Really BeatCancer?

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