Buy A Life, Literally

Recently I wrote about a blog about a Twitter campaign that I wasn’t a huge fan of, so this week I decided to share one that I really liked.

Digital Death is a campaign by the nonprofit organization, Keep A Child Alive, which aims to provide funds for necessary HIV/AIDS medicine for children in Africa and India. Not only does this organization fund the treatment of HIV/AIDS, but it also provides care for these children and orphans, and promotes awareness about the fight against this issue.

Digital Death works by recruiting some of the world’s most famous (and social media savvy) celebrities to digitally “die”.

This means no more updating Twitter, and no more posting on Facebook.

The catch?

Their fans had to go on-line and pay to bring them back to digital “life”.  Once $1,000,000 was raised, the celebrities could go back to updating their Twitter and Facebook like usual.

Since the donations buy medicine that keeps children alive, the donators are almost literally buying a life (at least helping to prolong a life anyway).

One of my biggest complaints about #BeatCancer was that the website was inadequate, but this is one of my favorite parts about Keep a Child Alive.

Their website tells you exactly where they work, what they are doing and how many children they have helped in each area. There are tons of photos on the website showing pictures of the people and places they help too.

I love it.

Keep a Child Alive also has so very catchy merchandise like this shirt. (Birthday present anyone? Color: White. Size: Small)

Here is a video that explains more about the mission of Keep a Child Alive.

Photo by Johnny Vulkan


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