Nonprofit Packers

I dedicate this blog to the winners of Super Bowl XLV, the Green Bay Packers.

After reading a recent blog I learned this fun fact:

The Green Bay Packers are the only NONPROFIT professional, major league sports team in the country.

How is this possible?

Well, instead of having one individual owner, the Green Bay Packers franchise has more than one hundred thousand individuals who own a total of 4,750,937 shares of this corporation.

To keep everything equal and prevent any individual from gaining total control over the team, there is a limit of owning 200,000 maximum shares. The shareholders then elect a board of directors and an executive committee to represent an owner at the NFL (national football league) Owner’s Meetings.

The Community Involvement page of includes a community outreach report that explains all of the different causes, events and organizations that they support. This part of their website is definitely worth taking a look at.

The team’s charitable efforts in the last year alone totals approximately $4 million.

The Green Bay Packers are an anomaly amongst other teams in the NFL. They go above and beyond to support their community and in return, their community continually supports them.

Here are some links to articles regarding the Packers use of fans and their community involvement:

Charities find receptive crowd at Green Bay Packers games

Packers Return to Green Day As Super Bowl Champs

With voter approval, work on renovating Lambeau Field will start after this season

Photo by cdw9


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