What Should Be On Your Nonprofit’s Website

Fall term of this year I found myself really wanting to volunteer with a specific organization, but when I went to their website it was a wreck. The “current projects” information tab hadn’t been update since the previous summer, there was no information about volunteering and there were no stories on who they had helped or what they had done.

I surprised me because, in my opinion, a website (along with social media) is one of the most important ways for an organization to interact with people.

Here are the basics nonprofit organization’s website requirements:

Your Organizations Mission Statement
This may seem obvious, but it is a very important part of your website. Sometimes, organizations names are misleading. By sharing your mission statement with your on-line viewers, it let’s them know exactly what it is that you do and what you are working towards.

“Who We’ve Helped”
Personally, I like to see results. I like to see who/where an organization has helped, because personal stories are so much easier to relate to than just plain statistics. If an organization can prove to me that they can use their donations and grants wisely, I will be much more willing to donate to them. Without this section on an organizations website, the chances of me giving them money is approximately 0 percent.

Volunteer profiles
Although most people are not volunteering for publicity, a little appreciation from an organization is always nice. Volunteers take the time to come help your organization, and they do it all for free. Why not give them a special thank-you for all that they do?

“How YOU Can Help!”
Not everyone is made for the same job. Some people prefer hands-on work, while others prefer clerical work in an office. By listing all of the different tasks that you need help with, it increases the volunteer response because people know you have a specific duty for them.

Be accessible

Additional useful tips when putting together a website:

  • You can never have too many photos.
  • Provide your office address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc, to increase accessibility for donations, volunteer sign-up, e-mail registration, telephone calls and drop-in visitors.
  • Link to your social media for increased availability (if you don’t have a Facebook and Twitter, get them ASAP.)

Here is a great list of 40 beautiful nonprofit organization’s websites.

Photo by Vilseskogen


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