Set Yourself Apart: Extra Steps to Take as a PR Student

Recently I read a blog on “Preparing Yourself: The Extra Steps to Take as a PR Student.”

Considering the fact that graduating and finding a job terrifies me, I crossed my fingers and hoped that these tips would help calm my nerves.

#1- Learn HTML

I know quite a bit about HTML because I have a weird fascination with the internet and web design, but I’ve never used it in-class or for any other projects. As for knowing HTML to “set you apart” from other graduates, I really like this tip because it is something that not many people learn in school, unless it is specifically related to their major.

#2- Writing Different Styles

The thing that I really liked about the PR sequence at the University of Oregon is that we learn how to write for all different mediums. I now know how to write news releases, blogs, newsletter articles, a backgrounder, feature articles, video treatments and much more! Every different style of writing has a specific purpose, and when you know what the target audience is, it makes your writing that much more affective!

#3- Social Media

Social media is a great way to set potential job applicants apart. Since technology is changing at such a rapid pace and the Internet is becoming an increasingly popular medium to share and receive news, organizations need to keep-up with the times and have active social media plans.  Here are some tips on how to appear professional on your personal Twitter:

  • Keep out the bad words
  • Don’t be negative
  • Provide useful information for your followers, not just static
  • Participate in conversations
  • Build relationships

Blogging is also important because it provides a place for potential employers to get an idea of your writing “voice” and style.

What do you think? Are these good tips for PR graduates? What else (if anything) would you include on this list?

Photo by Kristina B


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